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Nearly Christmas

015-2I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. I’ve finished with work for the year and am looking forward to a little quiet time with my family. They are a generous lot, and last year gave me many lovely gifts. The one pictured above is one of my favourites. It’s called an egg skelter, and it helps you remember to eat the older eggs first. It also makes a gorgeous display with all of the different coloured eggs.

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Full-time entrepreneur, part-time ukulele plinker, occasional photographer, skin care fanatic, slightly over-sized clothes horse, moderately-successful gardener, unapologetic crazy cat lady, creative soapmaker, happy hen keeper, and enthusiastic birdwatcher. I bake nice cakes, but can’t find a hat to fit.


  1. Momma says

    I like your page. In addition to being a brilliant mother, a unbelievable business woman, a superb writer, a good cook, you are a talented photographer. The leaves are amazing.


  2. Fig & Pen says

    Thanks, Mom! 🙂 I have to give partial credit to my new camera. It does a lot of the work for me.


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