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016-2Deep in my heart, I am a minimalist, yet something compels me to collect things I don’t need. One of my biggest weaknesses is midcentury modern pottery, specifically Metlox’s Tropicana Fish pattern. I comb Ebay weekly.

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Full-time entrepreneur, part-time ukulele plinker, occasional photographer, skin care fanatic, slightly over-sized clothes horse, moderately-successful gardener, unapologetic crazy cat lady, creative soapmaker, happy hen keeper, and enthusiastic birdwatcher. I bake nice cakes, but can’t find a hat to fit.

3 comments on “Tropicana

  1. I think you should design your new kitchen around this pattern…then you’ll “need” more.


    • Fig & Pen

      The colours in the plate are my favourites which is why one of the matches the cupcake. I make that colour of frosting all the time. And the kitchen will definitely feature fish!


  2. Did you notice that your fish matches the cupcakes in the previous picture? Hummm.


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