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It’s Good to be King

It’s been a trying couple weeks — burst pipes (plural!), floods (plural again!), a broken dishwasher (!!!), and my taxes are due. I could easily become a giant stressball.

Instead of freaking out, I’ll take a page from Logan’s book and just chill. Nothing bothers him, except being held down and smooched on top of the head.

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Full-time entrepreneur, part-time ukulele plinker, occasional photographer, skin care fanatic, slightly over-sized clothes horse, moderately-successful gardener, unapologetic crazy cat lady, creative soapmaker, happy hen keeper, and enthusiastic birdwatcher. I bake nice cakes, but can’t find a hat to fit.


  1. Janet Hinton says

    He is so regal. Hope your week is better…..I had no heat for awhile with 18 degrees F. Repaired now and is warmer now!


    • Fig & Pen says

      Yikes! I hope you have a fireplace there. Spring can’t come fast enough for me this year.


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