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Carb Attack!

Beautiful scones, breads, and cakes baked by my friend Liz of Achray Farm Baking. My favourites are the cheese scones, but her lemon cake is a close second.

I used to work next to Liz when I sold my soaps at the Stirling Farmers’ Market. Now I’m just a customer, but I still enjoy getting up early on a Saturday morning for a visit.

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Full-time entrepreneur, part-time ukulele plinker, occasional photographer, skin care fanatic, slightly over-sized clothes horse, moderately-successful gardener, unapologetic crazy cat lady, creative soapmaker, happy hen keeper, and enthusiastic birdwatcher. I bake nice cakes, but can’t find a hat to fit.


  1. Karen says

    Oh man, I love cheese scones. I rarely make them, as it’s just me and I’d end up eating them all. Trader Joe’s used to have a lovely cheese and herb scone for sale, but they were discontinued. I foresee some baking in my near future.


  2. Fig & Pen says

    Liz makes amazing cheese scones. I tell myself they’re better for me since I don’t add jam. 🙂


  3. janet Hinton says

    I love scones of any kind! You are fortunate to have them there!


  4. Fig & Pen says

    Luck is relative. My hips would disagree! 🙂


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