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This doesn’t mean I’ve fallen off the healthy-eating wagon. While I do like to eat cupcakes, I enjoying baking them even more. There is something therapeutic about creating perfect little bundles of deliciousness. Taking pictures of them is quite fun, too!

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Full-time entrepreneur, part-time ukulele plinker, occasional photographer, skin care fanatic, slightly over-sized clothes horse, moderately-successful gardener, unapologetic crazy cat lady, creative soapmaker, happy hen keeper, and enthusiastic birdwatcher. I bake nice cakes, but can’t find a hat to fit.


  1. Janet Hinton says

    Maybe one day, your lovely cupcakes can be sent here via internet…..or at least, scratch and sniff!


    • Fig & Pen says

      That would be awesome! My waistline would certainly benefit from sharing more.


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