We are looking for a holiday home – something quiet and out of the way, and not too terribly far from where we live.  There is a pretty little house in Portnellan, near Loch Katrine that may fit the bill.  The scene here is about a five minute walk from the house.

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    1. No closer than we were when we started. 😦 It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll be waiting until next year.


  1. I haven’t looked at Fig and Pen in a long time! I’m rewarded with more beautiful photographs and insights. Thanks for keeping up with it.


  2. Hi, Spotted your website whilst searching for information on the cottage we purchased 18 months ago on Loch Katrine. It is probably the one you are referring to because it is Portnellan Cottage on the North Shore Road. It is undergoing a complete renovation and is in a lovely location with stunning views over the loch and surrounding hills. The plan is to let it out until I retire from teaching and then it will be become our home. The photos on your website are great, keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by! I believe the one we looked at is very near there. It was right off the main road and there were about six other cottages sharing an informal courtyard. Is this where your house is? It’s a gorgeous area.


  4. Hi, The cottages you are referring to are at Glengyle, 2 miles down the road from our cottage. They are currently being let as holiday cottages but are also on the market for sale too. There are about 6 of them and they are opposite Glengyle House, a large white house which is being renovated. Best wishes, Mark


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