We moved into our holiday flat last weekend, but had to run back home so that we weren’t caught by what turned out to be a fairly major storm.  We were back this weekend to relax and add the fine details.  Here is our lounge, nearly done.  The walls are white and very tall, so more artwork wouldn’t go amiss.



The bedroom is the closest to being complete.  We had a clearer vision of how we wanted it to look.  We painted several pieces of furniture for this room, and I think the time spent doing it helped us to picture it a bit better.  Well, perhaps as well as we could.  We’d only been in the flat once before!


dining The dining room is nearly finished – just a few more things for the wall and I believe we’re done.  This room joins a small kitchen and a private bed recess.  Mr C and I enjoyed a lovely meal from the chippy here last night.



The view outside is the real star.  Even at low tide, the scenery is stunning.

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