The bigger instrument is my much-beloved Pono big baritone ukulele.  After trying (and hating) a tenor guitar, I was thrilled to find the big baritone, and I’ve really enjoyed playing it.  BB has had other ideas, though.  The wound strings keep snapping.  I rang the lovely people at Southern Ukulele Store and asked if they had any suggestions, and they’ve very kindly sent me a set of Pro Arte Hard Tension classical guitar strings to try.  I will post my findings on the off chance someone with the same issue should stumble across this post. And I’ll also highly recommend the folks at Southern Ukulele Store.  I’ve bought two ukes from them – including the big baritone – and can say they are knowledgeable, helpful, and lovely.  If you’re in the UK and in the market for a ukulele, please keep them in mind!

07.06.15 Update – First impressions are great!  The new strings have transformed the instrument.  Both the tone and projection are improved, and the strings feel much looser.  It’s more comfortable and pleasant to play as well.

14.06.15 Update – Strings are holding up well and the uke sounds amazing.  Unlike the normal baritone ukulele strings, the Pro Artes didn’t take long to settle.  If you have a big baritone, I would recommend these strings.

02.10.15 Update 2 – I’ve taken the instrument in to Strung Out for a proper setup, and they’ve restrung with normal tension Pro Artes.  I like these better than the heavier gauge.  They don’t seem as damped down as the hard tension strings and feel a bit easier on the fingers.

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