Cold temperatures and central heating are waging war on my lips.  At this time of year, my weapon of choice in the battle against frayed, peeling skin is Jouer’s Essential Lip Enhancer.  I’d consider it heavy artillery, as I’ve not found anything else as protective or as restorative.

It’s marketed as a lip enhancer, and promises to increase fullness and reduce fine lines.  I’m not sure about these claims, but it is one hell of a moisturiser for lips.  Used overnight, it protects lips from dryness and helps to restore vital moisture and emollients.  In just two days of using it, my lips have gone from having dry, scaly patches to feeling smooth, healthy, and comfortable.

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer is free from petrochemicals and contains both shea butter and jojoba oil, both excellent for keeping skin soft and protected.

Effectiveness: 5 – this works well and it works fast.  If you’re suffering dry, cracked lips, this helps them heal quickly.

User Experience: 5 – It’s a smooth, gentle product, and I can’t detect any scent or flavouring, camphor, or mint, the presence of which can sometimes sting already sore lips.

Comfort: 5 – I can’t stand my lips feeling the least bit dry and with this product, they don’t.

Repurchase: I have.  Several times.

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer, £12

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