Confession: I love cleansing my face and actually look forward to it.  I enjoy waking my skin up in the morning with a gentle cleanse, and I really like washing away the day before bed.  Cleansers just might be my favourite bit of skincare kit.

I’ve been a fan of cream cleansers for a while, and I often have more than one on the go in my bathroom cupboard.  Right or wrong, I feel that my skin gets bored when I use the same product again and again.  And no, that isn’t an excuse to buy more skincare. *ahem*

Recently, I  read that ladies of a certain age should consider a balm cleanser.  To be honest, I wasn’t convinced.  I tried a balm cleanser a few years ago and found it goopy, sticky, and hard to rinse away.  I’ve since discovered I was using it all wrong – I should have been doing the hot cloth cleanse.  By using a warm, wet cloth (I prefer muslin) to remove your cleanser, you not only end up with cleaner skin, but also get the benefit of a light exfoliation as well.

Elemis Pro-Collegen Cleansing Balm is a fine hot cloth cleanser.  If you’re new to balms, it can be a little strange in that it feels exactly like smearing Vaseline on your face.  But that’s where the strangeness ends and the loveliness begins.  Massage it into your skin and makeup and dirt are instantly lifted away.  Keep massaging and your circulation is stimulated, which improves the skin’s appearance and health.  Wipe off with a damp cloth and your skin is clean, conditioned, and ready for further skincare.  It is a wonderful experience and I enjoy the ritual.

Effectiveness: 5 – it cleans well and removes eye makeup, even tough mascara.

User Experience: 3 – it does smell a little odd.  Not unpleasant, but not gorgeous either.  I’m a bit spoiled by cleansers that smell amazing, and I find that the scent is a big part of what I enjoy.

Comfort: 4 – while it didn’t leave my skin stripped, I did feel some tightness.  My skin is very dry, though, and plain water can have the same effect.  I need serum and moisturiser immediately.

Repurchase: Probably not.  I have a lot of cleansers, and there are quite a few I like better.  That said, this is a very good product.

Elemis Pro-Collegen Cleansing Balm, £39.50

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