Someone once said that February is the cruelest month.  As far as my skin goes, that’s certainly true. Cold weather, central heating and a lack of sunshine turn my skin dull, flaky and almost as grey as the skies, and it takes a potent product to put some life and colour back in.

When my skin is super-dull and my day-to-day routine doesn’t seem to help, I often turn to masks.  And Skyn Iceland’s Fresh Start Mask is outstanding.  Ten minutes with this concoction and my skin is restored.  I can’t think of many other masks that work this well.

The Fresh Start Mask comes in two parts.  Step one is a blue clay mask which is applied to the face (avoiding eyes).  Step two – a special activating gel – goes over the top of this and then the two are massaged together to form the mask.  The mask does produce a pleasant tingling sensation that sensitive types might consider a little nippy.  It does pass quickly, though.

After ten minutes, the mask is rinsed away and you can marvel at how great your skin looks – pinked up and happy.

Effectiveness: 5 – this really feels like a fresh start.

User Experience: 4 – tingly and pleasant, but there are some scratchy particles in the blue clay.  Take care when applying and removing as these particles could break the skin.

Comfort: 4 – I do need a serum or moisturiser right after using, but my skin is quite dry and demanding.

Repurchase: Definitely.

Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask, £25 for 6 masks





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