I always feel a little unsettled recommending a product with a high price tag, especially when there are often other less expensive alternatives about.  There’s usually a cheaper cleanser, moisturiser or mask which will work just as well as its pricier counterpart, so when in doubt, take the lesser risk.

Good Genes is different.  It doesn’t have an equivalent I’ve seen, and what it does, it does very, very well.  It contains prickly pear extract and lactic acid, the first being an excellent hydrator and the second an extremely effective exfoliant.  Good Genes also contains liquorice extract, which is wonderful for brightening the skin and fading dark spots.  All of these together equal a product that almost instantly illuminates the skin.  There’s nothing else like it and I wouldn’t be without it.

I use this product in two ways – as an overnight treatment and as a mask.  Please bear in mind this is a powerful exfoliant, and should be used sparingly and infrequently.  And please take care to never, ever get it near your eyes.  Did I mention it’s powerful?  I use it once a week and always wake the next morning with delight when I look in the mirror.  It does properly transform my skin into something fresh, radiant, clear, and glowing.

Effectiveness: 5 – I saw a difference after one use and continue to be amazed every time I use it.

User Experience: 4 – not the nicest scent, and it does tingle when first applied.  Avoid the eye area!

Comfort: 3 – this doesn’t feel particularly nice on the skin, but it’s not supposed to.

Repurchase: Yes.  I have.

Good Genes, £85

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