I’m not going to even remotely suggest that you need this product.  It’s pricey, and there are plenty of cheaper options out there that perform the same function.  But May Lindstrom products are not about function.  I think of them as products for the Beautiful People, May herself being one of them.  May’s products are all about luxury and decadence for the sake of luxury and decadence: organic, wildcrafted, sustainable, and natural.  And they are a perfect antidote when you’re feeling fragile or in need of a boost.

I fell head over heels with The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk as soon as I opened the jar.  May’s blend of essential oils including cocoa absolute and vanilla CO2 extract is the most phenomenal scent – like a delicious cup of floral hot chocolate – and the mud itself is just as comforting.  This is a multi-functional product which works well as a cleanser and brilliantly as a mask.  I wouldn’t recommend it for removing makeup, but it’s perfect for a morning or second cleanse.  Paired with a muslin cloth and a sink full of warm water, it leaves skin clean, conditioned, and remarkably soft.

This kind of skincare shouldn’t be rushed, so I only use it when I have time to treat myself.  I love massaging it onto damp skin and then leaving it for a good ten minutes before rinsing it away with a cloth.  Pure enjoyment.

Effectiveness: 4 – this does need to be carefully removed with a cloth to avoid pilling other skincare.

User Experience: 5 – there are times I wish I hadn’t limited myself to a score of 1 -5.  This is one of them.

Comfort: 5 – great for sensitive skin as it doesn’t strip or dry.  Skin is left supple and refreshed.

Repurchase: Yes.  I love it.

The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk, £64

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