Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser

Having inflamed skin is upsetting.  It looks awful because it’s red and scaly, and it feels awful because red, scaly skin is sore.  When my skin gets like this, it stresses me, which I think makes the problem worse.  I have to be super-careful about what I use on my skin during these episodes, but not cleaning my face isn’t an option.  I need a gentle cleanser that will clean as well as comfort.  Thankfully, one exists.

Skin Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser is wonderfully mild.  It goes onto dry skin like a lotion and quickly lifts away excess oils, dead skin, and other grime.  Simply wipe it away with a hot muslin cloth and skin is clean, conditioned and calmed.

This cleanser boasts an impressive list of ingredients including cocoa butter, cranberry seed oil and meadowfoam oil.  Also impressive is what it doesn’t contain: parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrance, so it’s perfect for soothing irritated, angry skin.

Effectiveness: 5 – this is a gentle-yet-thorough cleanser.  It removes makeup well.

User Experience: 5 – creamy and it smells lovely, despite having no added fragrance.

Comfort: 4 – while it’s gentle, I still need hydration directly after using it.

Repurchase: Yes.  Frequently.

Skin Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser, £22.50


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