When evaluating a product, I’m never sure if I should pay attention to its claims or simply appreciate it for what it does for my skin.  Skincare is subjective, and what works beautifully for me might not work for you.  The same is true for a product’s description: a serum that claims to lift and firm might do no such thing, but it might hydrate and plump well, even if the packaging doesn’t trumpet these properties.

The hint at what the The Body Shop’s Pomegranate Firming Serum claims to do is in the name, and I’m not sure it delivers, but don’t discount this wonderful serum on that account.  I didn’t notice any lifting or firming, but it did leave my skin nicely hydrated and smooth, something I appreciate later when I’m applying foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Sadly, the effects don’t last the whole day for me, but the product may not be designed with someone in my age bracket in mind.  This serum seems ideal for someone in their mid-to-late 30’s, who might be experiencing the first signs of ageing.

Effectiveness: 4 – smooths skin nicely, but the results don’t last as long as I’d like.  Excellent base for makeup.

User Experience: 5 – this serum has a lovely texture that sinks in quickly.  It smells nice, too.

Comfort: 4 – hydrates well, but doesn’t last.

Repurchase: No.  I’m still searching for my Holy Grail serum.

The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Serum, £20*

*The Body Shop often has generous offers, so it’s possible to buy this product for much less.

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