Full disclosure: I received this product as part of a gift-with-purchase beauty bag.  I’d never heard of it and had no idea what it was supposed to do.  If I’d looked, I would have seen that it’s a sort of hydration serum containing retinol.  Since I have to be quite careful with retinol, I delayed using it for a few weeks because I was afraid of the inevitable irritation and dry skin I usually get with vitamin A.  And then one night I threw caution to the wind and tried it.  And I am so glad I did!

Natura Bisse Essential Shock Retinol Fluid is an amazing product and can be used in several ways.  As a serum, it sits nicely under other skincare and gently resurfaces the skin while plumping out fine lines.  As a night cream, it hydrates the skin and evens skin tone.  As an instant hydrator for dry skin, it sinks in quickly and relieves that tight, dry feeling.  It’s gentle, too.  I can use it around my eyes without any bother.  Oh, and it smells of old-fashioned baby lotion.  Just lovely.

Effectiveness: 4 – a gentle multi-purpose retinol serum that does make skin look refreshed and healthy.

User Experience: 4 – glides on, smells lovely, and doesn’t sting.

Comfort: 5 – no irritation from this at all.

Repurchase: Probably not as it’s quite expensive, but I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Natura Bisse Essential Shock Retinol Fluid, £84


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