I probably spend too much time thinking about how I’d live if I inherited lot of money.  Of course, I’d be responsible, but surely I’d be allowed a few treats.  If I ever came into an unexpected windfall, I’d be straight over to the Sisley counter for a bit of luxury.

For this review, I’m leaving out the usual rating system, because let’s face it, it’s all wonderful and we’d all buy it again and again if we could.

First on my list is the Black Rose Precious Face Oil (£136).  It is, to me, the most perfect facial oil ever made.  It glides onto the skin while imparting the most glorious rosy scent.  And it immediately nourishes and plumps the skin beautifully.  It contains one of my favourite oils – plum kernel – which is rich in omegas and vitamin E.  It really is a gorgeously addictive product.

Next I’d go for the Black Rose Cream Mask (£95.50).  If you want to appear to have perfect skin, this is your mask.  I use it before a big night out and it instantly takes years off my complexion while smoothing, plumping, and brightening.  Seriously the best mask I’ve ever tried.  And it has that lovely Sisley rose scent.

And of course, I’d need something for my tired eyes, so I’d have to have the Eye Contour Mask (£81.50).  This cooling cucumber eye mask immediately de-puffs, brightens and makes eyes look rested and awake.  Nothing I’ve tried works this well.  It actually gets rid of fine lines and signs of fatigue for a few hours, which goes a long way toward restoring that youthful look.

Lastly, moisturiser.  Specifically Hydra-Global (£145.00).  Once your eyes stop watering from the price, smooth this luxurious cream on your face and watch your skin glow.  It combats dehydration like no other moisturiser and helps to create a barrier to hold moisture in.  It might be the perfect moisturiser.  I’ve never used anything else like it.

If you really want to try Sisley, there are a few discounters about.  StrawberryNet often has deals and you can also buy Sisley Discovery Sets which come with generous travel-sized samples.


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