I do love facial oils, but night-time oils and I just don’t seem to get on.  Maybe my expectations are too high, but these specialist oils are costly and I expect them to work.  I get better results from my normal daytime facial oils, and will probably give up on overnight oils altogether.

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil promises to intensively repair skin overnight as well as make it firmer, more luminous, and hydrated.  While it does offer some immediate emollient properties upon application, I don’t find that it improves my skin beyond that.  I like a bit of scent in my products, but this is entirely over-perfumed.  It contains neroli, lavender, rose, and mandarin – all lovely essential oils, but bordering on overkill for a face product.

Another minor niggle is that Aurelia’s strap line is ‘Probiotic Skincare’ – but, while a scan through the extensive list of ingredients for this night oil reveals plenty of great fruit and seed oils, I couldn’t find any mention of probiotic ingredients.

Effectiveness: 2 – it does feel nice on the skin, but the only benefit I found was immediate.  I could not detect any long-term effect.

User Experience: 3 – it feels nice, but it’s over-perfumed and the scent lingers for hours.

Comfort: 4 – it’s a comfortable oil to wear.

Repurchase: No.  It isn’t worth the cost.

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, £45

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