As a completely self-aware beauty junkie, I’m used to reading a lot of bold claims.  Certain products promise to decrease wrinkles, add glow, or take years off the complexion.  It’s easy to get drawn in because I do want to believe all of this is possible, but experience has taught me to be wary.  Products may be good, but they are rarely all they promise.

I approached  Superskin Face Serum with only moderate expectations.  I suppose I do expect a lot from Liz Earle.  I’ve been a fan of Cleanse & Polish for years, and her Skin Repair Moisturiser is one of the best around.  So I expected this serum to be good, and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, it blew me away.

After one use, my skin appeared less tired and dull.  After a week, I noticed a lovely glow.  Three weeks in, my skin appeared a lot smoother and nicely plumped.  And by the time I finished the bottle, I couldn’t believe how well this serum had performed.  It actually did everything it promised, and I was delighted.

Effectiveness: 5 – does what it says on the tin.

User Experience: 4.5 – I’m deducting a half a point for the scent.  It’s pleasant, but it’s very strong and I am not keen on using that much fragrance on my face.

Comfort: 5 – sinks in quickly and leaves skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

Repurchase: Yes, absolutely.

Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum, £48.


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