I have a love/hate relationship with body lotion.  I love it because it makes my dry, flaky skin feel soothed and comfortable, but I hate it because it’s a pain to apply and can sometimes take ages to sink in.  Pulling tights over freshly-moisturised legs isn’t pleasant, and I find I often skip body lotion altogether because I can’t stand the faff.

Luckily, there is a solution.  In-shower moisturisers leave skin feeling silky soft, and you can get dressed without delay- simply apply to skin, rinse, dry off and you’re ready go.


Eveline Cosmetics Argan Oil In Shower Body Lotion, £8.99, leaves behind a light barrier which keeps even the driest skin feeling soft and moisturised.  Of all the brands I’ve tried, this one feels most like a traditional body lotion.  It’s also quite heavily scented, so I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin.  It takes quite a bit of rinsing as it clings to skin quite well, but the effects do last until bedtime making it great for severely dry skin.


If you find you go through body lotion quickly, Avon’s Skin So Soft In-Shower Moisturising Body Lotion is good value at £2.50.  It rinses away cleanly and leaves no residue.  There is a light scent, but it isn’t overpowering, so I don’t think it will adversely affect sensitive skin.  This one didn’t keep my skin comfortable for as long as some of the others, and I found that by bedtime it was like I’d used nothing at all, so I wouldn’t recommend this one for extremely dry skin.


The Olay brand annoys me to no end.  They have so many wonderful and inexpensive products available to their US customers, but the UK is left out of this market.  Buying from the US is costly, and I wouldn’t recommend this product if it weren’t absolutely stellar, but that’s exactly what this is.  Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion, £12.51 for 2, is the best bath and body product I’ve ever used.  It makes my skin feel normal, which doesn’t sound like the most enthusiastic review, but please hear me out.  After three days of use, my skin was no longer dry.  It felt like normal, healthy, well-maintained skin and the effects lasted 24 hours.  There is no residue, and with daily use, my skin is balanced, comfortable, and soft – and I can forget that I ever had dry, tight, flaky, uncomfortable skin.  Truly amazing stuff!

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