My ultimate endorsement for a product is repurchasing it.  With so many options around, to find something and honestly believe there is nothing better says more about a product than any advertising.  I’ve put together a small list of haircare products I always buy.


Schwarzkopf Bonacure Light Finishing Treatment is essential if you have mature hair.  Just a drop rubbed between the palms and then distributed through lengths adds an incredible amount of shine which makes hair look more youthful.  I like to use it before combing out wet hair as I find it helps to detangle, but you can easily use it on dry hair as well.  Just remember that less is definitely more with this product.  The slightest bit too much will leave hair looking oily and limp.


For adding volume, I love Sachajuan’s Volume Powder.  Just a light spray onto roots gives tremendous volume and lift which lasts all day.  I like to spray my roots, tip my head forward, and then massage my scalp like I’m using dry shampoo.  The result is the biggest hair ever which can easily be ‘refluffed’ with your fingers as the day progresses.

BB thickening creme

To finish, I really like Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Creme Contour.  It doesn’t do anything to thicken hair, but a tiny bit rubbed onto hair – avoid the roots – makes hair look polished and finished.  It smooths hair and gives that lovely sectioned look to lengths.  I find that it helps my hair hold curl a bit better, and I can sometimes pass on hairspray when I’ve used it.

While compiling this list of haircare I buy again and again, I was horrified to find out my favourite shampoo and conditioner, John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine, has been discontinued.  I’ve been using it for years, and I can’t imagine being without it.  I will be writing a stern letter to Mr Frieda Once I finish my post!


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