When you consider how much of your life is spent sleeping, it’s crazy not to have the most comfortable sleepwear available.  For me, that means nightdresses made of 100% natural materials to help keep me cool and happy at night.  I’m extremely fussy about my nightwear – I don’t like thick seams, scratchy tags, or pokey buttons annoying me when I’m trying to sleep.  I also can’t stand anything that binds around my legs, rides up, or digs into my skin when I’m turning over in my bed.


In a perfect world, I’d sleep nude, but I’m imperfect, a bit modest and just can’t quite abide sleeping with nothing on, so I was delighted to come across Patra’s Bamboo-Cotton Nightdress, £39.95 , the most comfortable night gown I’ve ever owned.  The fabric is silky-soft, feather-light and imperceptible on the skin, keeping me cool and super-comfortable.  There are no irritating seams, tags, or buttons, and the lovely wide straps don’t dig into the skin.  The cut is simple and elegant, and not too long for us shorter ladies.  It’s made of a 70%/30% bamboo/cotton blend and comes in four colours, all very pretty.

If you prefer something with sleeves, there are cosier options available.  Patra also offer a lovely range of silk and cotton nightwear.

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