Today’s post is a little different as I don’t have beauty products to review.  Instead, I have three fantastic sprays which can help you to relax, destress, and sleep.

mio-spray I often get stressed out before I even realise I’m agitated, going from zero to freaked in seconds and finding myself in a flap.  To combat the stress (and prevent myself behaving like a loon), I spray a little Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray around and instantly feel better.  It’s a gorgeous blend of lavender and chamomile which calms, relaxes and soothes tattered nerves.


To say a product is life changing can sound hyperbolic, but Susanne Kaufmann’s Leg Vein Cooling Spray could be classed as a miracle.  It stops my restless leg syndrome.  If you’re not familiar with this ailment, you are very lucky indeed.  It’s a twitchy, creepy, slightly sore and terribly uncomfortable sensation in the legs, usually at night.  When I feel it coming on, I spritz both legs and my feet with this miraculous spray and within about ten minutes, the symptoms are gone and I’m able to sleep.


Many products claim to help you get to sleep.  This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray actually does.  Just a couple of sprays of this lavender, vetiver, and chamomile blend sends me right off.  It’s great for travel and it also comes in a pulse point formation if you prefer something topical.

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