I’ll come right out and say it: Bronzer scares me.  I’m quite pale, and every bronzer I’ve tried has been either too dark, too shimmery or too orange.   At my age, I have to be quite careful with powders of any sort as they tend to leave me looking a bit chalky and dull.  Chalky, dull, glittery and orange?  Not a look I go for.

So how to add a bit of colour and life to my pale complexion?  Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder is just the thing.  The powder itself it finely milled, so it never looks artificial, and it adds the most beautiful touch of healthy, sheer colour without a hint of orange.  Skin looks glowing, radiant, natural and very very pretty.

There are four colours from which to choose – all of them gorgeous.  I prefer the Light Brunettes, but there are darker options if you want a bit more colour.  All of them have a very pleasant, light scent that disappears almost immediately.

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