Lately I’ve noticed my eyelashes getting a bit sparse.  They’re not as long as they once were, and certainly not as thick.  I’ve often thought about trying lash growth serums, but the side effects put me off.  Some of them can actually change the colour of the iris, and others can cause allergic reactions – something I can’t even contemplate with my sensitive eyes.

revitalashAfter reading up on different serums, I decided to give Revitalash a try.  Most reviews I read said that it didn’t cause any irritation, and a quick look at the ingredient list revealed it doesn’t contain bimatoplast – a chemical that can cause darkening of the iris.  Revitash works to extend the growth cycle of lashes by preventing them from falling out so they have the opportunity to grow longer.

Application is easy – at bedtime, you simply sweep the little brush along your lashes, just above the root line. I found this perfectly comfortable with no stinging or sensitivity.  Results should be visible after four weeks, but I could see my lashes had grown after just three weeks of use.  After six weeks, other people began to notice and comment on my lashes looking longer.

Ten weeks in, I’m very pleased with the results.  My lashes are longer and healthier, and I can almost get away without mascara if I give them a good curl.  Even my brows appear a bit thicker, my guess is from the product migrating upwards while I sleep.

My only complaint – and it’s a silly one – is that the lashes on the outer corners of my eyes are now so long that they tangle and appear unruly without a comb-through.  What a problem to have.

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