It’s the time of year when I have to give up a lot of makeup I enjoy.  Cold winter air coupled with central heating makes my skin super-sensitive, and it becomes intolerant to just about everything.  My lips can become so chapped that it leads to cheilitus – a painful inflammation that can last for weeks.  Because of this, lovely matt lipsticks are off the menu until late Spring, but that doesn’t mean tinted lip balms only.  There are some great lip colour formulas available that help nourish and protect lips while looking lovely.


It’s no surprise that Perricone’s No Lipstick Lipstick, £25.00, is on my list.  I love so many of their products, and this one is no exception.  Because it’s skincare combined with makeup, it provides great protection while delivering a good colour payoff.  The formula is soft and moisturising, but annoyingly, only available  in one colour.  It’s still very pretty – perfect for a natural, nude look.


If you need a bit more colour, try Zelen’s Lip Glaze, £29.00.  Collagen-building and full of antioxidants, this feels like more of a treatment than makeup, but the colour is strong.  Lips look and feel protected, enhanced, and hydrated.  There are five colour choices, all flattering.  I have nude, pink, and rose – and am eyeing up the coral.


For the widest choice of colour, I recommend Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, £17.50.  Sixteen shades, super-moisturising, and easy to wear.  Fuller Fig is a universally flattering nude for lighter skin tones, and there are beautiful jewel shades like Chunky Cherry for darker skin.






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