We all have them – those days when we discover something’s gone wrong.  For me, this usually takes place before a big event like a wedding or party.  Horribly dry skin, blemishes, or severely chapped lips?  There’s a fix for that.


You’ve come home after a long day, cleansed your face, and are shocked to discover a spot forming.  It could be a simple surface blemish, or it might be one of those insidious, painful lumps that threatens to erupt into an eye-catching zit that no amount of makeup will cover.  Don’t panic!  Just dab a little Super Spot Remover, £15, from Origins, on the affected area and go to bed.  In the morning, the swelling will be reduced and the spot on its way back from whence it came.  I would not have believed this stuff works as well as it does, but I’ve used it many times and have never been disappointed.


If you find yourself with severely chapped lips, give Mama Mio Keep Calm Nipple Balm, £12, a try.  With triglycerides, lanolin, calendula, and shea butter, it works quickly to soothe and protect cracked, dry lips.  I use it as a overnight lip treatment most nights, and it also works very well on raggy cuticles, rough elbows and cracked heels.


Dehydrated skin is a common problem, especially in winter.  I can carefully cleanse, moisturise, and drink gallons of water, but by January, I often find my skin looks tired, grey, and sad.  That’s when I grab a hydrating sheet mask and take 15 minutes to restore my skin.  Any sheet mask with hyaluronic acid will work, but I’m partial to the ones from Mediheal.  Their NWF Aquaring sheet mask, £7 for five masks, works amazingly well to put vital water back into the skin.  It’s a great quick treatment if you need your makeup to go on smoothly when your skin isn’t behaving.


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