A lovely reader asked me recently how my beloved Emma Hardie cleanser compared to Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, £22.  Since I’d not used it before, it was the perfect time to buy a jar and try it out – and I have to say,  I’m impressed!take-the-day-off

When I opened the Take the Day Off, I was delighted to find it unscented.  As I’ve mentioned many times, my skin can be very sensitive, and fragrance-free products are less likely to irritate.  The balm itself was quite soft, and melted into a lovely oil on the skin.

Where Take the Day Off really excels is eye makeup removal.  It easily dissolved my waterproof mascara and didn’t make my eyes water.  It also removed every scrap of foundation and left my skin feeling clean, soft and balanced.  Sadly, after a few uses, it caused the skin on my eyelid to turn that familiar shade of red, warning me not to continue lest I risk a weeks-long battle against inflammation.  I don’t think this cleanser would irritate most sensitive skins, but if you’re insanely sensitive like me, you might need to avoid it.

Take the Day Off cleansing balm is an excellent cleanser that removes makeup well without stripping the skin.  If it weren’t for my stupidly-sensitive eyelids, I’d happily use it every day and save my more expensive Emma Hardie cleanser for special occasions.




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