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  1. Still leaning no. Much as I would love to say yes to a country where people are treated with more dignity and compassion than the Tories, I am still not convinced the money is there to deliver. And there’s so many unknowns – would we be in or out of the EU? I know you want us to rejoin the EU but as far as I know that’s not guaranteed. What currency would we use? On a personal level, I am worried about how it would affect me financially if I’m paid in one currency and spending in another. The pips are squeaking in my personal finances and variances in the value of my London-paid salary could break me right now. And if we do join the EU what would happen about the border? In Ireland right now there’s a lot of noise about how there will be no return to a hard border. I don’t see how that can be possible. If one country is outside the EU and the other one is inside it, there has to be a hard border. The EU can’t allow a permeable border where people, imports and exports can go under the radar.

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    1. I’ve seen a lot of positive words from the EU. Spain has outright said they won’t block, and Guy Verhofstadt has said ‘they (Scotland) can stay.’ If the EU isn’t an immediate option, EFTA is – and Scotland’s a great fit.

      I worried about currency last time around. I also worried about a central bank, pensions, and trade, but I don’t any more. Knowing what will happen with a hard Brexit is enough to remove that fear for me. Small countries have sorted central banks, currency, and pensions before, and there is no reason Scotland can’t do the same. What most countries don’t have is a bigger neighbour dragging them into a damaging deal they don’t want.

      Theresa May has assured us the UK will have a fantastic deal with the EU, and with Scotland in the EU (or in the EEA via EFTA) we’ll continue to trade with the rUK on favourable terms.

      I guess for me, the positive possibilities for Scotland with independence outweigh the negative probabilities for the UK with Brexit. It won’t be all sunshine and roses, but we can do it.


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