For the last few months, everyone’s been trying to get their hands on The Ordinary’s new foundation. After weeks of waiting, I finally got to try it, and I was quite disappointed after all of the hype. On my mature face, it looked cakey and dry, and every fine line, wrinkle and pore was magnified. I don’t think it’s a bad foundation, but it wasn’t right for my skin, which is a pity – I know a lot of people love it and the price is insanely good.

Also fairly priced is NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, £14, and it’s good. Very good. And it’s also versatile. Used lightly and buffed into skin with a foundation brush, it mimics the more expensive Perricone No Foundation Foundation – light, natural, and barely detectable on the skin. Add a bit more and you can easily build up to a flawless full coverage look that reminds me of the gorgeous Armani Power Fabric Foundation, again, at a much lower cost.

NYX comes in 24 colours, so it’s easy to find a shade to match your skin tone.

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