I was rummaging around in my desk drawer last weekend and came across an unopened box containing a jar of Suqqu Foundation. I’ve no idea how long it had been in there, but I would reckon at least a year as that’s when I drifted away from wearing it nearly every day. At £62, it isn’t cheap, so I assume this must have been why I decided to try something new. Silly of me, really. I’ve trialled at least a dozen foundations since, and none compare to the brilliant Suqqu.

It’s quite a thick, rich foundation, so it works very well on dry or mature skin. The amount of coverage depends on the amount you use. I like to apply it with a brush and then sheer it out, but it’s very buildable, so you can add more to get medium to full coverage.

Aside from being a perfect colour match for my skin, there are two things that make Suqqu Foundation special. The first is that it looks like good skin. This takes a little while to achieve as it does look like makeup when first applied, but once it heats up, it melts into skin and looks very natural. The second thing it does is improve with wear. So many foundations wear off, break up, and go patchy as the days goes on, but not this one. It doesn’t oxidise or change colour, and it looks beautiful for hours.

While it’s temping to save such an expensive foundation for special occasions, I plan to wear it daily now that I’ve rediscovered it. I didn’t realise quite how much I’d missed it. It might be my holy grail foundation.




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