Today I’m decluttering my office in a ruthless fashion. I’ve been on a bit of a journey since February. I wouldn’t say I’m becoming a minimalist, but I am minimising. Does that make me a minimiser? I’m not sure, but I’ll go with that for now.

It’s a frustrating process, probably because I’ve begun with the unseen – my wardrobe, cupboards, and drawers. I’m unable to stand in the middle of the room and survey my progress, so the feeling of accomplishment is fleeting.

It’s also an uncomfortable process as it’s forced me to face up to stupid choices I’ve made through the years: loads of nail varnishes I’ll never wear, clothes I bought on sale just because they were cheaper, and handbags. Oh lord, the handbags. How much money have I wasted? And how could that money have been better spent? Or even saved? Just the thought of it is enough to halt my progress.

But I can’t let that happen. For years I have tried to fill up the inadequacies I’ve felt with stuff, and it’s not healthy for me, my relationships, or the planet. I am a consumer of too many things – objects, food, and energy – and the weight of all of it is too much.

Where this will end up, I’ve no idea, but I thought it might be fun to document the process. My hope is to drop the accumulated crap I don’t need along with a few dress sizes.

Now, back to those desk drawers.

Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

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