Stage one of decluttering is complete!

I was so tired of trying to organise and store things I was holding onto for daft reasons – the silliest being ‘I might use that one day’. If it’s been stored out of sight for more than six months, there is a good chance I’ve forgotten it, and if that’s the case, I certainly don’t need it. I do not want to get into this state again, so I thought about things I really don’t need to buy anymore. I have based this list on some of the things I’ve just removed from my precious space.

Books. This is probably a shocker. I do enjoy reading, but I do not enjoy having to find a space for a book once I’ve read it, so I plan to only buy for my kindle in future. My collection of books is down to twelve and I’m almost happy with that. I can probably reduce to ten.

Magazines. I actually quit buying these ages ago. I use an app called Zinio and have a couple of subscriptions there. I find magazines wasteful, and they’re outdated almost as soon as they’re purchased. Paperless and clutter-free is the way forward.

Nail Polish. I took up ukulele in 2014 and moved on to guitar last year, so painting my nails is pointless. It’s also a faff. It’s also a bit toxic, so I’ve thrown out many bottles of nail polish and I have no plans to replace them. If I’m desperate to have my nails polished, I’ll treat myself to a manicure at a salon.

Candles. It’s strange I ever bought candles in the first place because I don’t like strong scents of any kind. I’m also not convinced that breathing in burning aromachemicals is healthy. I’d much rather bake bread or boil a few cinnamon sticks on the stovetop if I want the house to smell nice.

Kitchen Gadgets. I had a weakness for the Lakeland catalogue, but I’m over it. I can’t stand over-packed drawers in my kitchen, so I’ve ditched quite a few gadgets and storage items that only served one purpose. I got rid of about half a drawer’s worth and so far I’ve not missed anything. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish with a good knife.

Handbags. This was the most difficult for me because I love handbags, but how many do I actually need? The answer is one. So I’ve given all of my handbags away and I now carry the only one I own. And when it wears out, I’ll buy another, but between now and then I have no plans to purchase more. Owning them means storing them and I just can’t be bothered any more.

I’m sure there will be more things I’ll add to this list as I go through the second wave of decluttering, and I’m keen to know if there are things you no longer buy.

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Trying to do better.

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