I have dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin which is exacerbated by cold weather. By the end of January, I’m miserable and desperately searching relief. I am not a fan of body lotion – it’s cold, sticky, and delays my getting dressed in the morning, but I’ve always treated it as a necessary-and-somewhat-effective evil. I’ve tried a lot of body lotions, but none have ever kept my skin hydrated and comfortable for more than 12 hours. Until now.

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion does exactly what it says on the tin. It transforms dry, flaky, tight skin into soft, smooth, comfortable skin. I noticed a difference after one application, and though the instructions say to use it twice a day to start, I found once a day to be perfectly adequate.

It contains lactic acid which encourages dead, dry skin to quickly exfoliate, revealing the smooth healthy skin underneath. It also helps with KP (Keratosis Pilaris) and ingrown hairs by basically resurfacing the skin. With this accelerated cell turnover, I would recommend using a physical scrub or dry brush to remove the dead skin. After a week of use, I was shedding like a snake, but a good scrub followed by another application of Ameliorate sorted that right out and left my skin smoother and more conditioned than it’s been  in years.

After a month of use, my skin is literally transformed. Now that the thick layer of dead, dry skin is gone, my new fresh skin is better able to maintain itself, so I’m able to use the Ameliorate every other day. This result is nothing short of amazing, but it’s important to remember that using this lotion is a process. While one application will make dry skin feel instantly better, you will need subsequent applications and a couple of good scrubs or dry brushings to completely rid your body of the layer of dead, dry skin. Once that’s gone, your new healthy skin will be easy to maintain.

At £22.50, this lotion isn’t cheap, but there is a 100ml size available for less if you want to give it a try.


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