After a couple of false starts, we were finally able to collect three new hens yesterday. We made the decision a couple of years ago to rescue battery hens instead of keeping pure breeds, but the poor ex-batts don’t live very long, so we’ve decided to add a few hearty birds to the flock.

We’ve selected a white leghorn, a minorca, and an araucana (not pictured). The first two will lay white eggs (we were gifted one today!) and the araucana will lay either a khaki green or a blue egg. It’ll be some time until we find out. She’s very young – so much so that she still makes wee chick ‘peeping’ noises. It’s quite cute.

I’d hoped to get a better photo, but they’re still quite nervous and move around a lot when I approach the pen. Once they’re out free-ranging with the rest, I should be able to get a better snap.

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