For the past couple of years, I’ve been a ‘flexitarian’. Being married to a vegetarian means I eat many vegetarian meals, and became quite adept at cooking them, too. Over the last year, I found myself eating less and less meat until one day I decided not to bother with it anymore. My timing could not have been better as I’m spoilt for choice – there are some fantastic new meat substitutes on the market, and one of my favourites is Vivera Veggie Steaks.

Similar to seitan, Vivera Veggie Steaks are made from wheat protein as well as soya. They’re fortified with iron and vitamin B12 which is a big help to vegetarians and vegans who can sometimes struggle to get enough of both. They’re also a good source of protein.

The texture is surprisingly steak-like, and the flavour is lovely. They’re so versatile and could be used in place of beef in countless dishes – fajitas, curries, sandwiches, whatever – anytime you need proper texture and flavour. I like to pan fry mine with Brazilian seasoning and serve them with rice, greens, and a bit of farofa on the side. I wouldn’t say I’d mistake it for steak, but it makes a lovely meal when I’m looking for something with a similar texture.

Vivera Veggie Steaks are available at Tesco and cost £2.99 for a pack of two. They can be a challenge to find as they’ve proven quite popular. They do freeze well, so I recommend buying a few packs when you see them.

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