A while back, I wrote about being super impressed by Iceland’s No Bull Vegan Burgers. I still think they’re amazing, so I’m thrilled to report that Iceland has expanded the No Bull range with some outstanding beef substitutes. There are also some very good chicken replacements, but this review will cover the beefier options. Here are three that I absolutely love.

I’ve tried a few mince substitutes, but I’ve not found any I like better than No Bull Vegan Mince. The flavour is amazing and the texture is the closest I’ve found to actual mince. Because it’s coloured with beetroot, it does remain pink – even after frying. I easily overcame this by adding in a gravy or sauce to cover the odd colour. So far we’ve used it to make spaghetti Bolognese and mince and tatties and both meals were very good. I’m looking forward to trying it in a chilli.

Another favourite are the No Bull Vegan ‘Meat’balls. They’ve a similar flavour to the burgers, and they’re perfect served in pasta sauce or smothered in Ikea gravy (which is suitable for vegetarians -not vegans). They hold their shape well and have a pleasing texture which closely mimics meatballs made with beef, pork, and rusk. I’m interested to find out if I can serve them as canapés during the upcoming festive season. I suspect no one will know the difference.

The No Bull Jalapeño Burgers have replaced the original No Bull burgers as my favourite. The generous bits of jalapeño peppers dotted throughout the patty give just the right amount of flavour and heat. I wouldn’t say they’re overly spicy, but they do have a bit more pep then the original. We eat them with added pickled jalapeño peppers and they’re fab.

All three of these products are fantastic for mid-week meals or late suppers – anytime you don’t have the time or the energy to cook. Aside from the mince (which needs to be thawed before use), all can be quickly cooked from frozen and served in a delicious hot meal in less than twenty minutes.

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