Photo courtesy of Sgaia Foods.

While link hopping vegan restaurants in Glasgow, I stumbled upon a product called Mheat from Sgaia Foods. To say I’d had a fortuitous bounce would be an understatement, as I’d discovered the best vegan meat I’ve ever tried – purely by accident.

And I do love a happy accident.

Before proceeding, I’ll state right away that Mheat is not cheap – nor should it be. Mheat is a proper hand-made artisan product, carefully developed and crafted by a small team of passionate people who are dedicated to their mission to produce a healthy, tasty, vegan alternative to meat.  I hesitate to call it a meat alternative, because it really is a unique product within itself. But if I were to make a comparison, I’d say it is the Waygu of meat substitutes.

We tried four products with our first order and all were exceptional. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be their Streaky Mheat Rashers. The flavour is perfect – savoury, salty and smoky, with a hint of maple sweetness. One slice will elevate a sandwich or burger to something special, but it’s also wonderful eaten with a fry-up.

From the charcuterie, we tried the Herbed Roast and the Pastramheat. Both were fabulous, but the Pastramheat just edged it for me. As someone who has never enjoyed deli alternatives, both will be a welcome addition to my weekly shop. Both are juicy, tender and delicious – and perfect in a sandwich (Ciabatta – seriously) or laid out with olives and roast Mediterranean veg for a gorgeous antipasto.

A dear friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that she was still searching for the perfect burger. Jill, if you’re reading this, look no further. The Mheat Burger is perfection! Again, I’m wary of meaty comparisons, but this is the closest thing to beef I’ve tried in both flavour and texture – and it’s the only vegan/veggie burger I’ve ever come across that won’t fall apart on a barbecue.

When I ordered, I wasn’t aware of Sgaia’s generous rewards program, so I was delighted to receive an email letting me know I had reward points to spend. I was also surprised to receive a lovely welcome email from the owners. Mheat from Sgaia Foods is a wonderful experience all around.

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