My hens are in overdrive and producing more eggs than we can eat. It’s too hot to bake, so I’ve decided the best way forward is to construct an honesty box for the eggs and place it in front of the house. The fact I’m even considering this is a bit of a miracle. I’m not a fan of humanity, and expect I’ll encounter dishonestly during this little exercise. The expectation doesn’t help me prepare for it. I know I’ll be furious when it occurs, yet I’m not deterred.

My new egg stand needs to be small enough to move, as I don’t plan to leave it there all day or overnight, so I’m gathering materials to build something portable and lightweight. I’ve also collected a few tester pots of paint to make it look nice. The thing I’ve not settled on is a money box of some description. My initial thought was to use a little jar, but that’s probably asking to be made angry, so I’ll probably ask folk to simply drop their coins in the post box for now.

Despite the fact that I expect to be disappointed, I’m looking forward to this little venture. I’ve always found the idea of an honesty box quite cheering, and I hope that this good feeling spills over to anyone passing by, whether they want eggs or not. It’s a mood boost when someone you don’t know suggests you have integrity. I hope the sentiment is returned.

Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

2 replies on “Honesty and Misanthropy – A Tale of Many Hens

  1. Well, I hope you’re not disappointed Elizabeth.
    If I was nearby, I’d certainly be dropping a few coins in the mailbox; I love proper eggs which probably damns me from being a proper vegan! 😀


    1. Fingers crossed it goes well. I find expecting the worst sometimes leads to being pleasantly surprised.

      I once saw a vegan blog called ‘sometimes eggs’. The writer kept hens and looked after them really well. Maybe you need a few chickens? 🙂


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