It’s done!  With no building or woodworking knowledge, I’ve put together a really cute little egg stand from which to sell eggs in front of my house.

For the base, I used this ODDVAR stool from IKEA, but instead of fastening the base to the seat of the stool, I attached it to this hen nesting box from Ebay – no extra hardware needed.

No experience needed

The sign came from Etsy, and the little sample pot of outdoor paint, is from B&Q. Do you think it’s visible enough? I’ve added a couple more decorative touches to try to make it look a bit more welcoming, and I have a couple of terracotta flower pots I’ll use to tart it up a bit more.

Ready to go
Attention-seeking pink

I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out, and can’t wait to see if anyone will use it. I am ready pop it out in front of the house with a few cartons of eggs, but of course, it’s started raining. Maybe tomorrow.


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Trying to do better.

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