I’ve decided to semi-retire. I’m not needed at the office the way I was and I can afford to work less, so why not? While my staff works a twenty-three hour week, I now work a twelve. So far I’m enjoying my free time, and I feel a lot less stressed about things. With all of the current uncertainty, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this until my actual retirement, but I can’t worry about that now because there isn’t anything I can do about it. Gotta live my best life while I can, so that’s what I’m doing.

If you’d told me that little egg stand would help restore my faith in humanity, I’d’ve said you were nuts. I expected the opposite of what I’ve received so far. I’ve seen repeat customers through my office window, and quite a few kids with their grandparents. People seem genuinely delighted with the eggs. Just yesterday, a man wanted a half-dozen, but didn’t have change. I didn’t either, so I asked him take some eggs and drop a pound in the post box next time he was passing. This morning there a pound and a thank you note. A small thing, but a big deal to me.

Three years of worry and negativity has taken a heavy toll, but I am beginning to feel I’m getting my life back. I can’t fret about the things I can’t change, so I have to live in the moment. I wouldn’t call it ‘mindfulness’ as I don’t have the patience for that sort of thing. It’s more ‘doing the best with what you have and appreciating it.’ This attitude has gone a long way to making me feel happier.

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Trying to do better.

4 replies on “Happy Things

  1. I think a lot of us are going through the same process just now, Elizabeth; the political scene is just so surreal at the moment that it’s necessary to switch off in the interests of sanity.
    For what it’s worth, my coping strategy has been to stop paying attention to it for now when the ability to do something about it is minimal.
    Instead, I have made the decision to return to Scotland for good next year and consequently I’m putting my efforts into making this Cumbrian living box saleable!
    Also taking on responsibility for a retired Greyhound has helped as it gets me out and about among nature.
    I only work three days a week at the moment as I have a modest occupational pension.
    I’ll keep doing this until I get home.
    Hopefully there will be a little equity on this place over what I need for the new which will tide me over until I find something else but my days of full time working are well and truly over and since my current work still involves shifts and have caused me a bit of sciatica, I’ll be looking for something much gentler.
    I’m actually pondering bee-keeping!


    1. It’s the only way forward. The news is just too depressing and scary these days.

      So sorry to hear about the sciatica. I had it both times I was pregnant and it’s no fun at all. Do you do any stretches to help?

      I’m delighted to hear about your new adopted pal, and that you’re returning to Scotland. Best of luck getting the house ready for sale.

      Have you seen the b-box? It’s stupidly expensive, but a fantastic concept. I’m really tempted by one. All the benefits and none of the fuss! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/b-box-1st-ever-hive-designed-for-home-beekeeping/x/22050092#/


      1. In truth, I’m managing the sciatica OK. It’s relatively low end and I do stretches and make an infusion with fresh turmeric in to help. I had two weeks off work with it but I really can’t afford to do that again so I just need to tough it out in future.


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