I missed the fireworks in Parliament last night as I was too exhausted to watch. I’m mourning the loss of a family pet, and thought it best not to add to my grief.

This morning’s press is no surprise – the ramping up and inflaming of rage, prejudice, and discord. But death tends snap everything into sharp focus and it lowers one’s capacity for nonsense, and from my seat in the middle of grief, I can easily see that they want me to be upset. They want me to comment. They want me to attack from my position of outrage so they have something to attack back. Sorry, but I’m not playing your game. You are not worth my energy.

Instead I’ll make a donation towards Scottish independence in my wee cat’s name, and I’ll spend my finite energy on more positive endeavours.

Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

4 replies on “Outrage Fatigue

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss, Elizabeth. I understand that feeling too well having lost my cat at 17 and dog of 14 in the very same week in May last year.
    You’ll find your own path through this and the waves will ease with time; I find it comforting just to remember all the good times and experiences you had with this little being.
    As long as you remember they live on. 💚🐾🐾


    1. Oh goodness. I couldn’t imagine losing two so close together. Our dog Ted passed away earlier this year, but enough time has passed so that it doesn’t quite feel like a double pinch to the gut.
      Thanks for your kind words. Our pets never really leave us.


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