One oft-quoted definition of insanity is ‘repeating the same action again and again while expecting a different outcome’. For over three years, I have spent every day trawling news sites and scrolling through Twitter in search of that one magical fact, that single bit of enlightenment, that would convince a small majority of voters in the UK that Brexit and the Tories are evil and will ruin us all.

But there is no fact. No piece of information. No fall in GDP, no cutting of our credit rating, no return of tensions in NI, no guarantee of job losses, no removal of the most basic services, no loss of rights protection, no selling off of our NHS that would change their minds. Nothing will convince them they’ve made the wrong decision and backed a malignant horse.

I’m stepping back from my insanity. I won’t continue to look for the piece of proof that will shock the faithful out of their stupor. I can only hope that in a week’s time, I’m sighing with relief that enough people got up off their arses and voted against the most corrupt government seen in my lifetime. I hope, but I’m not hopeful.

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Trying to do better.

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