Last year, the thought of going vegan for a month did not appeal to me, but late in 2019, I phased out nearly all animal products from my diet, so this year I am totally up for it.

Going plant-based, even for a month, should not only be about removing animal products from your diet, it’s also a great time to adopt a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet. That said, transitioning isn’t always easy, and many of us don’t have time to prepare food, so here is a list of vegan products that taste as good or better than their animal-based counterparts.

If you are up for some home-cooking, here are recipes for a delicious traditional Brazilian stew, a veggie-packed chilli, and a high-protein sandwich filler, perfect for packed lunches. If you’re after something more comforting, this macaroni cheese should fit the bill. If leftovers are your thing, these Spanish butterbeans are delicious hot or cold. And if you’re a grazer like me, these roasted pecans make a fabulous snack.

I’m only a home cook, so if you want fancier recipes, I have three recommendations for you. Pick Up Limes for super-healthy fare, Avantgarde Vegan for restaurant-quality food, and Jess Beautician for thoughtful, from-scratch recipes.

While it can take some time to develop a vitamin B12 deficiency, it can cause health problems that are best avoided. Please consider taking a B12 supplement if you’re adopting a vegan diet.

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