A few things I miss, in no particular order:

Being able to trust the media.
Not liking the current administration, but not feeling their tenure is the end of the world.
A functioning opposition.
A willingness to cooperate with international neighbours.
Living in a normal country, happy with its place in the world.
Not having to fact check everything.
Politicians who feel shame and embarrassment when they’re caught doing something wrong.
Politicians who don’t lie about absolutely everything, even stuff that isn’t important.
A government who wouldn’t dream of throwing the aerospace, automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries under the bus.
A government who wouldn’t actively pursue hundreds of thousands of job losses.
When the economy and the UK’s credit rating mattered to people.
When extreme currency devaluation alarmed the government into taking action.
When people appreciated the NHS and wanted to keep it safe.
When no one really thought or cared about our EU membership.
When people still thought nazis were bad.
When folk felt ashamed of their racism and bigotry.
When kowtowing to the likes of Donald Trump was unthinkable.

My list isn’t exhaustive. What do you miss?

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Trying to do better.

4 replies on “This Isn't Normal

  1. When our politicians considered war an unthinkable option.
    When footballers shirts weren’t plastered in corporate sponsors’ logos.
    When there were still small local industries.in most towns.
    When even small villages had a shop and pub and probably a post office.
    When High Streets had loads of different shops. Local names not bland global chains.
    When you could take a parcel to the train station that would be delivered the same day to someone at another station.
    When the army was something people regularly satirised rather than worshipped
    When one wage was enough to keep a family and you got it in your hand on a Thursday..
    I’m only 55 and I can remember those things clearly!


    1. These are all worthy additions. I must say that I’m fascinated by the parcels being delivered by train! I do wish Scotland had a more connected train system. So many small stations were shut down in the 60s.


  2. When scientists and other academics were generally respected, not immediately ridiculed just for being scientists and academics.

    The brief period when people were embarrassed about being homophobic and, at the very least, kept it to themselves.

    The general feeling that humans would progress to something good, rather than to a right-wing world where the rich will be the only ones protected from the climate emergency they facilitated.



    1. All of these! But I’m sad to see hope on the list. I have every faith that Scotland will extricate itself from this craziness, but I agree things look bleak at the moment. x


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