For as long as I live, I will never understand how it was possible that half a population were allowed and encouraged to vote to strip everyone of the rights and privileges they’ve enjoyed for over forty years. I’ve only enjoyed mine since becoming a UK citizen in 2012, but that doesn’t take away the sting. I still don’t know what Brexiters think they’re gaining from leaving the EU, but I am 100% certain they’ll be unhappy with the outcome.

Ah, well.

Roll on Scottish Independence.

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2 replies on “Stripped

  1. It’s insane.
    One one hand they talk about ‘preventing radicalisation’, while on the other hand pushing more and more Scots (and others) towards exactly that.
    I’ve never felt more militant and inclined towards civil disobedience and resistance in my entire life.
    It astonishes me they have been able to get away with so much and yet I should not be surprised by their deviousness.
    Still, one only has to look to France to see a population showing the government the limits of their power…


    1. I completely understand. I’ve never considered myself a Scottish Nationalist, but I’m ready to paint my face blue and run down the road screaming. I’ve had other thoughts that I’ll not share in writing.

      Such blatant disrespect of the devolved governments. Such disrespect of remain voters. Such disrespect of the law. Such disrespect of the EU and all it’s done for us. It will come back to bite them. Hard.

      If you thought the last decade was wild, just wait until you see this next one!


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