I am tired of wilful ignorance. For a long time it was on the periphery, hanging about the margins at a distance I could tolerate. A little cutesy sexism where a man pretends to love the woman he disrespects for a laugh, or the fool on Fox News trying to convince me that Nelson Mandela had dementia because he opposed the war in Iraq. Now it’s everywhere and it’s suffocating.

I think a lot about escaping to a place where the population is reasonable, where getting vaccinated against deadly diseases is something we do, not something we fight about. Where politicians are chosen for their empathy and dedication to public service, not picked because they allow people to excuse their worst instincts.

But where to go? What corner of the globe hasn’t been tainted by the insanity? Where are things getting better instead of worse? Where will I find likeminded people who are as exhausted as I am and ready to build a fairer, happier society?

For now, I can only look inward.

Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

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