Good riddance to 2022. It was hard on just about everyone, and it was cruel to us until the very end with the death of a much-loved pet and more than one horrible diagnosis for a family member. But it’s nearly over and I won’t dwell. Instead I’ll look back on the things I accomplished. It’s a more positive way to move forward.

I kept my company alive against all odds. Brexit continues to inflict its infinite damage, and idiot politicians still behave like it hasn’t happened, but despite this, we’ve made it through another year. Sales are down by a scary amount from last year, but we’re getting by. I thank my lucky stars that we saved and planned while we had the chance. Not having a mortgage has made our tiny pay packets a lot easier to handle.

2022 was the year I got serious about gardening. It’s something I’ve always loved, but I was very limited by space. My son and I converted our paved yard into a really lovely raised-bed kitchen garden over autumn so it’s all ready to go for next year. My husband helped me with a potting shed so that I’m able to utilise my entire greenhouse for growing (it was previously used for both growing and storing) and I now have room for more tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. I look forward to being able to feed my family with fresh, organic produce for a few months every year.

We redecorated most of the house. We got help where we needed it, and managed to paint, wallpaper, and/or carpet all of the public rooms and it looks lovely. We also have a beautiful new German kitchen with clean lines and plenty of space. After two years of mostly being housebound due to the pandemic, it made sense to spend some of the money we’d saved on making our surroundings a nice as possible. It’s turned out to be a wise investment.

There were other smaller accomplishments – leaving Twitter when that idiot took over (I refuse to support dangerous fools), eating less processed vegan food (we’re eating more whole foods now), and finally pursuing a diagnosis for a disorder that’s been with me since birth. I’ve also learned to stop constantly reacting to the silly and the stupid. All of these things have made my life better and give me something to build on for next year.

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Trying to do better.

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