After a disappointing experience on Mastodon a few days ago, I’ve deleted the the app from my devices, which means I no longer am creating any content for any social media platform. Going forward, I’ll stick to my blog (and utilise Jetpack for Twitter to drive traffic toward it – chew on that, Elon). Here I can say what I think and not worry about fragile feelings getting in the way of my being a better ally.

It’s becoming increasing important to me that my external actions match my internal moral code, and I’m finding social media is a hinderance to that. And while I know living my life perfectly in line with my ethics something I’ll never achieve (because I have to work within the constraints of capitalism), I’ll continue to try. Leaving social media means I no longer have to censor myself to accommodate others. Energy is finite, and I’d rather spend mine becoming a better person than having to water down my thoughts for people who aren’t interested in doing the same.

One indulgence I will allow myself is continuing to enjoy TikTok. I began using it a few months into lockdown and I have learned so much about the viewpoints of others, and where my own need work. As a Really Weird Person, it’s been lovely to find other people who are also different and take time to share their ideas and insights. It’s comforting to know that there are millions of people in the world who think patriarchy is wrong, that capitalism is evil, and that there are ways to live a life that participate as little as possible in both.

I know it’s asking a lot to expect people to read more than ninety words these days, but I do hope that like-minded folk will engage with me here.

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Trying to do better.

2 replies on “On De-influencing

  1. How disappointing that you had a bad Mastodon experience. I’m sorry that you are gone from there. I liked seeing your gardening photos and cat pictures etc. I have missed the engagement with you since Twitter days, now it feels like it’s closing down more and that makes me sad.

    I don’t remember to follow blogs unless I get emails about them. At least yours is set up to email me when you post so I will see them. I only have one blog that I regularly engage with and he’s an American too, but known to us for photography. So I hope I continue to get update emails from yours.

    I have zero clue about what TicTok does or is for. I don’t like Instagram as it just seems to be people throwing photos into the void with no desire for communication or engagement. Social media seems to be regressing these days. Hey, at least that means I get to read more books instead of scrolling. That’s a good thing.


    1. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it did make me reevaluate how I want to spend my time. I’d fallen into the trap of framing some life events as ‘did it happen if it wasn’t shared on social media?’ which probably isn’t healthy.

      I don’t post on TikTok, but I love the content there. It took a couple of weeks for the algorithm to learn what I like, and it now only serves up things I enjoy. It’s definitely the most positive social media platform I’ve seen. If you want to get started with it, I can recommend some accounts to follow. There are some really clever/funny/empathetic people making content there.


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