Yesterday, I was excited to discover three tiny volunteers in one of my vegetable beds. They’re definitely some kind of squash, but the rest of their identity is a mystery, so I’ll need to wait until they’ve produced fruit to know for sure. I am looking forward to the surprise.

Volunteer plants are one of the greatest joys of gardening, and I’ve had many of the years – carrots, tomatoes, radishes – all beginning as last year’s stray seeds who like their surroundings enough to grow. Some years I get none, and some years I get several. I treat them as little nudge from nature. If they know it’s ok to sprout, it must be ok to start planting out hardier plants, so that’s my job for the weekend.

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Trying to do better.

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  1. We have had the week off. Wanted to do lots of gardening, but it’s been very wet and horribly windy for much of the week. It’s drizzling today but not actually blowing much so perhaps we can get some more things planted today. I won’t be getting the lawn mowed though. Too wet for that.

    I must be getting old. It’s my birthday in early May and I’ve had a new rake and long handled hand fork and 4 decorative iron stakes already!

    Do you grow wild garlic in the garden? If not, get some in for next year. It’s wonderful stuff. Macaroni cheese with chopped wild garlic, mashed potatoes with chopped wild garlic and all sorts of other things are just delicious. It’s just getting going now. It needs an undisturbed area that’s not much use for anything else and off it goes.


    1. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, which is a rare treat. I’ve planted up sweet peas, sown some sugar snaps, and am getting ready to pot up some tomatoes.
      I love gardening gifts! I’m hoping for a lobster cage this year.
      Would you believe I planted wild garlic this morning? Only a couple of bulbs, so I’ll add more in the autumn so we’ll have it for next spring. We have an entire 1.5m x 2m bed dedicated to edible perennials. It’s nice having a bed that produces food with minimal fuss.


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